Thanks to many years of developing relationships with journalists, editors, reviewers, radio programmers and national and international contacts of all varieties, RMG Emerging Artist Group has been able to individually tailor its efforts by targeting members of the media who will specifically champion its clients. These personal relationships with the clients and media alike provide RMG with a deeper understanding of each one's needs and talents, as well as the fuel to create the fresh, attention-grabbing angles for which the firm has become well known.

RMG Emerging Artist Group is fearlessly creative in the pursuit of press coverage for its clients, a dedication inherent in the fact that, as an independent publicity firm, it chooses carefully which projects to take on. RMG staff is dedicated and enthusiastic and regularly goes beyond the call of duty, securing any opportunity that would be beneficial for the clients, whether it falls in the realm of conventional publicity or career development.

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"Rhonda and her team are so passionate about their artists, professional but fun to talk to at the same know what they say..hardest working
publicist in the biz" 
-MTV News

"Quite simply she is the best publicist that has EVER BREATHED AIR!"
-John Cusimano, The Cringe

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for putting us on the map...( and getting us into SXSW)!"
-Black Suit Karma

"Their insight and guidance is invaluable, allowing me more time for actually working on my art and helping me find the audience I always knew was out there for my music. No price tag can be put on that."
-Knox Bronson

"Rhonda is a tireless advocate for the indie artist. She works to make sure that we get the kind of attention we deserve, and has brought the music of many bands and artists to the ears of many who may not otherwise have heard them. Between her personal attention to each client, her flexibility in this whirlwind business, and her sincere desire for our success, there's no one like Rhonda. We couldn't do it without her! Thanks!!"
- Emilie Autumn

"If you're looking for press, look no further. Rhonda is fantastic at what she does. She combines smarts, savvy, contacts, and outside-the-box thinking to get you the most for your project. She is the hardest working publicist I have ever met, and she gets results."
-Alexia Erlichman

"Ladies and gentlemen, this here is the real thing."
-Chuck Taylor , Billboard Magazine

"The best in the biz" 
-Ryan's Smashing Life

"Rhonda is truly one of the most gifted PR professionals around; she really gets the job done!"
-Vice President of Sales,

"You are one special publicist!!"
-Alix Olson, Siren Music Records

"Rhonda and her staff have been very influential in the development of many upcoming artists. She provides a unique service and works closely with them during the process. Her extensive lists of press contacts is impressive and growing. She is very experienced in the "music press" business and has been a good partner of Broadjam for a long time."
-Roy Elkins, Founder

"Within the space of two months, Rainmaker Media was able to secure us six hits in such competitive Manhattan publications as TIME OUT NEW YORK (two in the same issue!) and NEW YORK PRESS. For a totally unknown band with a track record of just three gigs, that kind of response is unheard of. Then again, we're so fabulous that she probably didn't even have to lift a finger."
-Unisex Salon

"I want to thank you for all the great work you've done for me! I couldn't be more pleased with all of the reviews you've gotten for me. I just got back from my tour, and I'm finally getting my bearings. You have surpassed all of my expectations and then some."
-Emily Herring